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  • Trust your family
  • Family is a choice
  • Family first, Academy second.
  • When your family can’t be there for you, the Academy always will be.

The Academy books by C. L. Stone consist so far of two series, Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle. Scarab Beetle is meant for slightly more mature readers, and though it has some overlap with the Ghost Bird series, it features a different cast of characters.

A quick message from the wiki creator: Hi guys! As you can probably see, the majority of the pages are empty/incomplete. Filling in all the information with just a few helpers is extremely difficult, so we need your help to make the Academy wikia more complete! Our main priority is putting in basic character infoboxes for the main characters, but right now, any help is appreciated. Editing pages is a lot easier than it seems!  :) Thanks and good luck <3

I'm steadily making progress here as I work my way through the books (again), but there's a lot of work to be done! Please reference all additions with the book and chapter number. Spoilers, especially major ones, should be concealed from view, so as not to detract from the enjoyment of other readers. ~ Contributor: SandyAU

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